elaine leonard

Elaine has been with Quin-Co for over 15 years. She is part of the Quin-Co family. We can't imagine Quin-Co without seeing Elaine at the desk or answering the phones! 

Harold Quinnelly 

harold quinnelly

Harold Quinnelly wanted to create a company that could support his young family and leave a legacy for his children.


At Quin-Co Metal Buildings , we've taken our collective experience to create our own methodology to keep your project on track and under budget.


We know that a company's reputation is only as good as the results of their last job. That's why we pride ourselves on making sure our customers are happy with their buildings.


We live, eat & breathe metal buildings in all its forms. We are a family ran and family orientant company. Our mission is to treat you so well that we become family for life!

our quin-co family

I started Quin-Co Metal Buildings to accomplish one goal and one goal only:  provide metal buildings to all of my neighbors; and when that was accomplished, go find new neighbors and help them with their metal building needs. 

A Quin-Co Metal Building in every backyard!

Our founder

steve quinnelly

As the oldest son of Harold Quinnelly, Steve was always interested in his father's business and joined Harold shortly after graduating high school so that he could learn more about the family business. 

jason quinnelly

Following in his father's footsteps, Jason grew up in the shop yard of Quin-Co, learning from his father and grandfather. Now in its third generation, Jason hopes to continue the traditions that have been started by Harold and Steve.